Data Is Stubborn

Red States Are Leading The Way

The problem for the United States is that the most populous states are dominated by the hard left wing of the Democratic Party. They aren’t concerned with people but are concerned about public-sector unions and power. Somewhere in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, radical terrorist Bill Ayers is smiling. Things are going swimmingly for him. His friends are patting him on the back.

It is great that Nebraska is doing well. My friend Pete Ricketts has done a good job there. But, if NE GDP was up 1000% it would barely move the needle in the greater US. Of the bottom 7 states, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and California make up a good percentage of US GDP.

Much of the unemployment problem can be attributed to continual extensions of paying people not to work combined with the inability of property owners to evict recalcitrant tenants. Fortunately, that is ending but we still have big supply chain problems.

Part of our supply chain problem in the US is really about pure political power and the Democratic party seeking to put its will on people using the bureaucracy and executive orders versus a transparent legislative process. Hey, I grew up in Chicago. I know how the game is played and if you need some instruction on the process subscribe to John Kass website.

Totalitarians don’t like transparency. Fascists don’t like legislative process or they run a sham process. See California and its recent ban on any gasoline-powered lawn equipment. The people advocating for, writing and voting for, and media breathlessly spreading the news of legislation like this are divorced from reality. I mean, if you were a legit journalist with some shred of objectivity, wouldn’t you go out and do some research and ask questions? Don’t be surprised when you see Trump 2024 stickers on landscapers’ trailers.

I found a photo of a bunch of journalists at a press conference here below.

This Twitter thread is interesting simply because the writer understands logistics. It is doubtful that California Governor Gavin Newsom or Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg understand them. Wait, the Treasury Secretary is at home on leave.

The problem with the Twitter proposed solution to the problem is it is a band-aid. The core beliefs and problems remain.

My new home state of Nevada is being run by a bumbling old man that isn’t that bright. He is like the groundhog that sees his shadow. He peeks his old gray head out of his hole and looks west to see what California is doing. Then, he follows.

I see help-wanted signs all over Las Vegas. If you want a job, you can get one. That is if you can see the sign through your non-scientific government-mandated mask.